Insipiration Of My Modding ^^

Hey Guyz I am Rugz007

I am a Indian...

So... I Have Started Scripting From April 2014!

And Today I Am Here 

I Am A C# &    Programmer

Usually Modders are of 20- 30 yrs age but you will be surprised by my age....its 12! (IN 2014)

I Have Many Friends Helping Me Like JulioNIB,Micheal Rinepim & Weibrendh!

Julio NIB.....I refer Him to the King MODDER OF GTA 4!
Micheaal Rinepim.....I Refer Him My Teacher!
Weibrendh....Will Never Forget You Man....
Salute To All!

And I have Taken Their Inspiration and Started Making mods

My 1st mod was....Heli Spawner (For Beginners)

So Guyz Stick On For More Mods! 


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